Outboard Motor Fundraiser

I have no choice but to do another GoFundMe fundraiser, because I need a little outboard motor stat. Here’s what happened: I got in my dinghy and I attempted to row out of the marina. There was crisp wind and current inside the breakwater but I barely kept up against it. I reached the breakwater and there were actual breaking waves. I went one foot past it and I felt it pushing me away from where I wanted to go. I made the decision to turn back just in time. A few more feet and I might not have been able to get back in! I am waiting till this evening till the wind eases up or turns in my direction to try again. Or maybe I can bum a tow off someone on the dock. But looking ahead, especially pulling into some of those anchorages on the west side of the island, I don’t feel comfortable in terms of safety without an outboard. I am going into Courtenay tomorrow in search of one, even a little 6HP. But I expect it to be at least a few hundred $ and a good chunk of my paycheck from my vacation time, and I still have to pay bills. Anything you can contribute at the link below would be helpful!


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