I love my new dinghy motor!!!

Yesterday I was searching the Comox/Courtenay classifieds for used dinghy motors without success. So this morning I took the bus to Parker Marine in Courtenay. They only had brand new motors and they didn’t know where I could find a good used one, because the good ones usually get snapped up quick. I asked them to show me what they had in my price range.

They showed me a 2.5Hp Yamaha stowed away on the side shelf.

Thanks to a combination of your donations (shout out to Orit for the $150!) and a little loan from my parents and some of my own money, I was able to get it brand new. Well almost, it had been used once and returned, and for that reason it was discounted by $200 CAD. But it has a 3 year warranty, it works perfectly and I don’t have to fix anything. How refreshing for once!

I didn’t know this video cut off after 2 seconds, but here I am zipping around Comox Harbour.

It took a minute or two to zip effortlessly out the breakwater in the chop and get out to my boat at anchor.

Then later I had to move my dinghy from the fuel dock clear to the other side of the harbor at the guest dock, so I zipped out the breakwater and over there. It was fun to put it in high gear and get splashed cuz it was hot out.

I now realize that 2.5Hp is more than enough power to zip me around. The only reason people get more for my size dinghy is if they’re transporting, like, 4 people and a bunch of stuff. Not an issue for me singlehanding!

3 thoughts on “I love my new dinghy motor!!!

  1. A great convenience. Just remember to always drain the fuel if you are not going house the OB for more than 3 to 4 days. Get gas stabilizer(auto part stores and marine stores usually stock it.) for your stored gas, like when you head offshore. Auto gas goes bad fairly quickly; like more than 3 weeks in your can. NEVER leave it in the engine for long periods. It will gum up the carburetor.

    If you must go ashore in the inflatable when the wind gets up, make sure you have a back up plan. If the OB decides to stop working, away you go! Take your hand held or equivalent.

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