Varnish and Woodworking

Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of little cleaning and repair projects on the boat, to get it ready to go out for some regular winter day sails. I changed the oil/filter on my outboard and I did a Band-Aid solution to an issue with my tiller that I will fix more permanently later.


I cleaned out my bilge and I re-bedded the plates for my turning blocks at the base of my mast.


The only thing I have left to do before I’m ready to go sailing again is finish varnishing my new teak grab rails.

I’ve done 10 coats and sanded three times. The third time I sanded the surface was pretty smooth, so I think the next time I apply varnish, I might have the mirror finish I’m waiting for.


My main focus right now is woodworking and my plans to install teak cabinets and drawers over the next year or two. Here are some initial drawings of my plans:


I get a pretty good discount on teak where I work at Fisheries Supply, but even still, it’s a good thing varnishing takes time because it will space out my purchases.

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