Inclusivity and Participation: Marie Rogers on the Future of Yacht Clubs

Skipper Jenn

My blog is about many things. It’s about sailing, both cruising and racing. It is about mental health, particularly learning to thrive and create healthy relationships and lifestyle. It’s a blog to support women and to invite men into advocacy. With all of this, it is strongly interwoven with intersectional feminism. Feminism has gone through many waves since its inception. The latest, comes from black women, who I believe hold the key to true social change. Their vantage point is one that highlights systems of oppression the most. Intersectional feminism is about how many different social ideas or experiences, like gender, race, class, religion, sexual orientation and abilities can impact the way people see themselves and how the world perceives and interacts with them. It’s a compassionate and honest look at bias and systems of power and how to create equity and equality. One issue I see with many of…

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One thought on “Inclusivity and Participation: Marie Rogers on the Future of Yacht Clubs

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I am currently the commodore for the Roche Harbor Yacht Club. The club is gaining more sailors ( like me and my husband) and I am the fourth female commodore for the club. I never thought of the importance of that until I read this article. My vice is also female so she will be the 5th. We are a white club for sure. Yet Sonja and myself are working hard to foster an inclusive environment. Thank you so much for sharing!!

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