Painting the Cabin!

Over the past couple months I’ve embarked on a new project. Remember when I posted the sketches of all the new teak drawers and cabinets I planned to install? Well, I discovered a much cheaper and easier way to improve the look of the cabin: just paint everything. First I was going to paint everything white.

But then I decided to do red trim and red accents on the doors and cabinets.

My last step, once I’ve got more coats on everything and have finished the aft side of the cabin (which will require me to remove my electronics and some old out of use gauges in the bulkhead, and fill the holes up with filler) will be to decorate the red parts of the cabin with this Indian inlay stencil set.

As far as installing storage, I’m going to go for a simpler solution that can still work. I’m going to get lidded wicker baskets to put on the ledges underneath the side decks. I will figure out how to secure the lids tightly shut, and I will hold the whole row of baskets in place with a lOmg piece of shock cord, hooked to either end.

For the galley, I will mount cutlery/knife racks and dish/cup racks on the wall panels underneath the starboard side decks.

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